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A Word on Our Donation Policy

In an effort to honor the tradition of yoga, and consistent with the manner in which our teachers shared yoga with us, we are trying our best to remain a non-commercial center. In fact, we are always looking to refine our financial policies so we more profoundly reflect the core principal of yoga, "Spirituality means giving more than you take".

Most of you know that we have a scholarship policy so that anyone who desires can take classes and receive teachings without concern for financial means. In this spirit, we have decided to take our policy one step further and offer all programs at Kailash Ashram on a donation basis only. This practice is called dakshina, which means "generous offering". We will generously offer yoga teachings to our community, and those of you who choose can generously offer your financial support. In a world increasingly controlled by fear, we are trying our best to reflect another path of life, a path of generosity and service.

Green Mountain School of Yoga
Since 1991 A.D.