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Winter 2016-17 Special Events

All events are located at Kailash Ashram in Middlebury, VT unless noted otherwise. Please E-mail us for directions: The ashram is not located on Court St. Scroll down for more information about some of these special events.


Friday - Sunday, December 9 - 11 -- The Universal Yoga with Prem Prakash at Jayaseva Yoga, Miami, FL Info:
Friday, December 16 7:00 PM Kirtan
Saturday, December 31 Noon - Midnight New Year's Mantra Celebration


Friday, January, 13 7:00 PM Sauna (Space limited. Please RSVP)
Friday, January 27 7:00 PM Kirtan


Friday, February 10 7:00 PM Sauna (Space limited. Please RSVP)
Friday, February 24 9:00 PM - Dawn Shivaratri Celebration

News and Events

16th Annual New Year's Celebration

Saturday, December 31

We will ring in the New Year with our annual day-long recitation of the great Ram Mantra: Om Shree Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Rama. This immensely potent mantra has the power to bring about the resolution of old negative patterns and to introduce wisdom and compassion into consciousness. We will recite the mantra from noon until midnight on Saturday, December 31. We seek to terminate negativity and nurture the positive in ourselves, our community, and the entire world.

We are asking those who are interested to sign-up to repeat the mantra for one-hour shifts. You can repeat the mantra alone or with a group. If you are unfamiliar with mantra recitation and need instruction, let us know and we'll teach you. If you are uncomfortable committing to a full hour by yourself, let us know and we'll team you up with someone else. At midnight we'll take a break and eat, drink and make some merry. After that we'll chant kirtan and hang out together. If you have special needs or would like overnight accommodations, let us know and we'll take care of you.

The Ram mantra WILL resound from the Kailash Ashram from Noon until Midnight as we bring in the New Year. We would be happy to have you join us.

26th Annual Shivaratri Celebration : The Night of Compassion

Friday, February 24
9:00 PM - Dawn

Once a year, on the night preceeding the new moon prior to the Spring Equinox, we celebrate the auspicious night of Shivaratri, "The Night of Compassion." Shiva means "the consciousness of infinite compassion." A person who has no compassion is shava, a corpse. The choice is ours: we aspire to Shiva or we expire as shava. On this night we make a bold statement to become more compassionate. We spend the entire night in prayer and celebration, seeking to find the divine compassion within our hearts, that we might enjoy peace and be vehicles of this compassion in our families and communities. As dawn arises, we will hold a small ceremony at the spring-fed stream flowing behind the ashram.

We will begin the evening with a Shiva Puja (ceremony) and then continue with kirtan (chanting) through the remainder of the night. There will be snacks and hot chai available all night. It is not as hard as it might seem to stay up all night as the energy is so high and positive. For those who would like to rest or sleep, however, we have accommodations available. Please call for more details or to let us know how to make you most comfortable on this great night.

What is Kirtan?

Kirtan is the yoga practice of using music as a means of transforming consciousness. It is a tribal experience of cultivating bhava samadhi, communion through emotions. It creates a shamanic doorway between worlds, invoking beings of higher consciousness and evoking our own divinity. In kirtan there is a circle of connection with no authoritarian leader. Without performer or audience, we are free to join in samadhi and realize our shared divine identity. Bring your musical instruments. Every soul is welcome to play and sing in the Kailash Jungle Band.

What is Fire Ceremony?

A yogic fire ceremony is a practice of invocation and evocation. We invoke the presence of beings of higher consciousness, and we evoke that same higher consciousness that resides within us in potential. It is a means of clarifying intention and purifying karma. The ceremony is quite simple, effective, and very beautiful. Through mantra repetition, we generate enormous positive, healing energy, which radiates within us and throughout the surrounding environment.

Please email us at for directions to events at Kailash Ashram.
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